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An approach to working with the land that increases its fertility, health, and harmony. This agricultural method is based on the work of scientist and visionary Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) and involves natural homeopathic preparations applied to plants, compost, and trees.


The owner observes: "The increase of production of fruit on my own land is strong. The taste of the fruit improves every year.  Furthermore, there is a depth, calmness, and harmony to the land."


A terrific example of biodynamics in action is the grape wine industry. The number of biodynamic winegrowers has increased worldwide and their biodynamic preparations have been scientifically shown (measurable by the Brics scale) to increase the sweetness of their grapes. In blind taste tests, biodynamic wineries have often been found to be superior to other wineries.

Jasmine’s Gardens has a number of clients choosing biodynamic treatments for their land.


Comments from our clients include:

  • “The trees have grown so much in one year!”  

  • “My land feels greener, more vital.”

  • “The land is just peaceful now.”

Have you ever walked in a national forest or in pristine woods?

That experience with the trees, the soil, and the plants can be very different from what you experience with the same elements in cities or even in country-sides. It could be said that modern spaces have cut off the land’s connection and communication with universal energy.


Modern society has disconnected our planet from the order and harmony of the universe. Satellite dishes, radio waves, asphalt, pesticides and much more contribute to forming barriers between the land and space. This results in disease, decreased fertility, and increased pest invasions.


Steiner spoke of the earth in both scientific as well as spiritual terms. He founded the body of knowledge called “anthroposophy” which uses natural methods to optimize physical well being and mental health. Because the land is a single, self-sustaining organism thriving through biodiversity, Steiner’s approach recognizes the need for healthy interplay between the forces of the universe, and the elements of Earth. In other words, in order to thrive, we need to harmonize our spiritual beliefs with our physical being.​

Pepper Sprays

An example of how biodynamics can be used on your land is the use of a specially prepared pepper spray which addresses unwanted pests including insects, rodents, and weeds.


The word “pepper” refers to the ash that is produced in the process of preparing specific natural materials which are then spread through affected areas. Sprays common to our area include woolly adelgid, deer intrusions, and poison ivy. They are homeopathic in nature and contribute to the reduced fertility of pests.


The sprays are sequential, and while this can be a little more costly in the short run, the long-term results are worth it!


Pepper sprays are cutting edge, and we continue our work in making them as effective as possible.

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