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Design & Consulting

A consultation with Jasmine's Gardens can help you more efficiently attain your ideal design and create your dream space.   


Whether you do the work yourself, use our crew or even another crew, working with Jasmine's Gardens on your outdoor spaces will be a valuable and helpful experience. 

When I first began working with Jasmine to devise a plan to overhaul some problem landscaping areas on our property I had no idea how rewarding and beautiful the final project would be. One of the most satisfying experiences in working with Jasmine was the opportunity to collaborate with such a patient and fun expert whose creative vision is unparalleled. 


Whether you are a novice gardener or an experienced one, looking for a collaborator on your project, or prefer to hand over all design and implementation work to someone else - or if you fall anywhere along the spectrum - you will not find a better, more creative, professional, reasonably priced, honest and caring person to work with than Jasmine.


She and her incredibly professional, personable, hard-working crew always went the extra mile to make sure everything was just as I wanted it and were always thinking about and re-evaluating the project as we went along, adjusting when better or more cost-effective ideas surfaced. 


I was also pleasantly surprised at how many different tasks Jasmine and her crew were able to perform -- From initial design work to hand-digging poison ivy out of huge beds (three times each!), to building a decorative fence, trimming limbs from big trees and shaping smaller ones, to installing over 40 new trees and restoring and planting flower beds and a vegetable garden- I found that Jasmine and her crew can do EVERYTHING needed for a landscaping project. 


Working with Jasmine on our home's major landscaping overhaul has been one of the best experiences I have ever had and I could not recommend her design and landscaping work more highly. She is a dream to work with!


~J. Bathanti | Vilas, North Carolina

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