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Our Company Ethics

Our Practices
  • We believe in treating others the way we want to be treated. 

  • Our treatment of clients, our crew, and the earth are all equally important.

  • We strive to do the ordinary things well and do them well every day.  

  • We use organic and biodynamic practices.  

  • We seek to always hold our hearts and minds in gratitude.

What We Do

We work with you to co-create gardens, outdoor spaces, and water features.  

We also serve you by offering garden maintenance.

Biodynamic Compost and Gardening

We are in the first year of becoming a biodynamic company. Biodynamics is a practice of using certain preparations to help harmonize the earth and to help the land and people to come into their most balanced, actualized self.

"When I first experienced biodynamics it was on a farm in Floyd VA,  the land had a vibration, a feel that was deeper, more peaceful, more vibrant than I have ever experienced in all my years of working with the earth.  The plants were healthier, tasted better and the berries more abundant than I have ever experienced.  As I learned about the philosophy behind biodynamics, it all just made sense.  I knew it was the right direction for this company, our clients, and frankly, the world." 

~Jasmine ShoShanna, owner of Jasmine's Gardens

Craftmanship. Innovation. Fundamentals.

Biodynamic Agriculture Defined

Biodynamic agriculture takes into account the forces and the cosmos of the Earth and combines them with those of the plants, animals and human beings.  It views the farm or the land as a single organism. The founder, Dr. Rudolf Steiner, says that "the key to good health for the people and the planet is total sustainability in agriculture." Nutrient-rich soil is the foundation of this sustainability. 


Biodynamics works on the basis that everything is interrelated and desires to reach its fullest capability of harmony, expression, health, beauty, sustainability and liveliness.

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