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Home Gardens & Outdoor Spaces

Jasmine’s Gardens can help you create and design your dream outdoor space.


We specialize in considering your land and your goals in order to create just what you’re looking for.


From installing raised beds, to crafting unique garden installations, we can help transform your land into an outdoor oasis.

Our Vision: Function First


While creating any new garden design, our focus begins with the LAND. We will first study its unique qualities: from its shape, size, soil, sun, and rain-fall particulars. Then, we will work with YOU to find out your goals.


How do you live and want to use the land? Is growing food important to you? Is the focus of your land to create a place of beauty?


Understanding HOW you want to live with the land and the land's natural attributes are the first steps in creating your ideal landscape.


Beauty is both individual, and yet inherently shaped by the natural environment-- which gives shape to the design and determines the level of ease or difficulty required in maintaining it.

We specialize in the art of merging beauty with function.

"I value the ordinary things in gardening. A good design matches the land and the financial desires of clients as well as its regular maintenance. Weeding, pruning, trimming, mulching, composting are the wonderfully ordinary necessities of a beautiful, healthy garden."


~ Jasmine ShoShanna, owner of Jasmine's Gardens

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