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The Compost Operation

Our Compost:

We work on a small scale farm to make and sell our own  high quality compost.


Compost is available by the truckload - either we can deliver or you can pick up your own load.

We are open by appointment only. We only make and sell a limited amount each year, so that we can insure quality and sustainability.

We also have two worm farms where we propagate worms to further enrich our compost.


The Compost Operation began with a significant grant from the Redducs Foundation, at the time headed by Ned Scudder.


Pricing & Delivery:




  • Compost: $50.00 per Cubic Yard   

  • Self Pick Up: Please call to arrange a time

  • Delivery Available Upon Request: Delivery rates are dependent upon location and are subject to fuel price changes


* Looking for BULK quantities? Purchasing by the truckload just makes sense - environmentally and financially (it will save you MUCH less money than purchasing individual units from the stores)

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