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Our Compost Practices....

Method of Compost:

Our style of composting is modeled after Jay Carter's patented Bioengine sytem. This system creates a better quality compost-- teaming with life and growing power.


We age our compost slowly and naturally which creates a strong and rich biodiversity of beneficial microorganisms. Microorganisms are the most important part of the soil -- they are the irreplaceable life within the soil.


You can't get a compost alive with microorganisms in the bagged products from stores. Compost you buy in bags from stores has been pasteurized and all the microorganisms have been killed.


Our compost is tested yearly by an independent lab for pathogens and for nutrients to ensure health and safety. 


  •  We only sell compost that has been aged at least a year

  •  We do treat with organic approved Milkey Spore to help kill Japanese Beetles 


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