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There are lots of professionals who focus on creating health and beauty.
My area of focus and expertise is the body as a garden. We create health and beauty in the body the same way we create health and beauty in the earth.

Garden to Life

Living a healthy life takes both a healthy well structured natural environment and knowing how to care for our health and beauty in similar natural ways.

Beauty can blossom in healthy environments in the body and the earth. Vitality and youth remains in a well cared for body and a well cared for earth.

While some of the actual practices for the body and for the earth may differ the similarities are actually more striking.


Garden to Table: Jasmine invites you to dinner, come and sample delights that are healthy and beautiful.


Weed Walk Session: Jasmine invites you to take a walk with her and share in her deep knowledge of the local ecosystem and the plants that can revive our lives.


Herbal Knowledge Session: These sessions can be more specific and focused on your individual needs.  Please call for information.


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