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Learn to Reconnect with Nature and experience the great health benefits that knowledge of wild edibles can bring into your life. Enjoy this experience individually or as a group!

 Beauty Rituals

Weed Walks, Herbal Knowledge Sessions and bringing the outdoors in with herbals oils, crafted skin salves, scented baths, and much more.. can enliven your self care and beauty ritual. 


Often your yard or woods has a whole community of plants that are native to the area, aligned with good health. Knowing how to identify and use these plants is a gift that will keep giving. Identifying plants are the first step, learning to cook with them is a good second step and then you can even learn about making all kinds of skin care products, internal herbal remedies and so much more. This session or series of sessions can saves you a lot of money if you incorporate the herbal wisdom into your life.


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