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Starting a Home Compost

Are you looking for help in starting a home compost system?

Jasmine's Gardens customizes, builds, educates, and maintains personal compost systems.  

" Composting is one of the most important things we can do for the Earth. Compost creates healthy, rich soil which in turn makes for healthy, nutrient rich plants. Compost also absorbs carbon from the atmosphere and cools the planet. A good compost system that is right for your environment can reduce your trash by as much as 60%." - Jasmine ShoShanna


We help to design a compost style that works -- matching your unique landscape with your personal or families needs.


  • For some, a simple Chicken Wire system, is all you need -- $20

  • For others, we can help design a system to merge your aesthetics  to match your unique home and environment -- estimates begin  at $1800


Home Composting is something everyone can do in some capacity.

We have a trash problem in our world, composting is a part of the solution. It takes everyone's help and caring to create a healthier cleaner world.


Want to learn more? We offer compost consultations by appointment.


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