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Weed Walks, Herbal Knowledge Sessions and taking it in into the Kitchen...

In the mountains of North Carolina we live in one of the most naturally abundant and diverse areas of the world for wild, healing plants. Knowing what exists on your land and /or how to cultivate and work with the wild plants is one of the easiest, most cost effective, and healthy things you can do for yourself.


An hour session can give you a great introduction to what the earth offers to you for food and medicine. You can also do sessions to learn to cook with wild plants, and make different types of herbal preparations for use with your health care regimen. This is great for children and adults. Children have a natural affinity for grazing from their yard.


If you've never worked with the wild native herbs you'll be amazed at what is often available in your yard and surrounding land. This is where not using chemicals becomes especially important since once you discover these native gems you may be inspired to make them part of your diet and health care.


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